07/28/2013 02:12 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2013

'Smack Cam,' Viral Trend On Vine, Features Violent Pranks By Teens


Pranks with friends are all fun and games... until someone gets hurt, and it gets caught on film.

"Smack Cam," a new trend on the social video network Vine, started out as a joke between a handful of young friends. The idea -- to slap someone on the face and upload the footage online -- quickly took off and became a viral trend for teens.

While not all #SmackCam videos are violent, like this playful example, where the person's hand barely makes contact with the other's face, many show pretty scary scenarios.

One teen uses Axe Body Spray and a lighter to create a small fire in his hand, which he throws at a friend. Another video, which has been shared almost 7,000 times, shows a girl being hit in the back of the head with a gallon of orange juice.

Katie Baker wrote about the troubling new trend for Jezebel.com:

The [Smack Cam examples] I've seen remind me of Emily Bazelon's definition of bullying: "physical or verbal abuse, repeated over time, and involving a power imbalance. In other words, it's about one person with more social status lording it over another person, over and over again, to make him miserable."

What do you think? Is #SmackCam a form of bullying? Tell us in the comments or tweet at @HuffPostTeen.



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