07/29/2013 08:41 am ET

Gisele's Daughter Vivian Lake Shows Off Pierced Ears (PHOTO)

It's no secret that children in the spotlight grow up fast. (Drew Barrymore, anyone?) Apparently, the rule of accelerated aging doesn't only apply to the famous, but their offspring as well.

Exhibit A: Gisele Bündchen's daughter, Vivian Lake. Though the beautiful baby girl turns just 8 months old next week, Vivian's had her ears pierced already, as Gisele proves in a sweet Instagram photo posted on Sunday.

Gisele cradles Vivian, who proves she's got an early knack for accessorizing -- she's matched a fun gold necklace to her earring bling. (We're sure Mom lent a hand.) As well-documented as her childhood's been thus far, we have no doubt Vivian will continue to age adorably alongside her supermodel mom.


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