07/29/2013 09:41 am ET Updated Jul 29, 2013

Oprah's Sister, Patricia Lee, Reveals The Best Part About Attending The Oscars (VIDEO)

When Patricia Lee began to search for members of her biological family, she never expected to find that she was related to someone in the public eye. But that's exactly what happened in 2007 when the Milwaukee native discovered that she was the half-sister of Oprah Winfrey. After several years of trying to connect with her biological family, Patricia made contact and the family decided to reveal the bombshell secret on a 2011 episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"Oprah: Where Are They Now?" caught up with Patricia to share what she's been up to since reuniting with Oprah and her family. Patricia has had some remarkable experiences -- such as attending the awards ceremony where Oprah received her honorary Oscar -- but says nothing compares to the newfound sisterly moments she shares with her older sibling. In fact, what Patricia truly cherishes about that Oscar event didn't happen anywhere near the red carpet.

"My sister graced upon me the honor to be able to go with her when she received her honorary Oscar," Patricia recalls in the video above. "But the real fun part about it is that my sister helped me get dressed."

It may seem like a simple moment, but Patricia says it was far more important than just choosing what to wear. "It was just such a beautiful feeling because I'm this baby sister whose letting her big sister help her get dressed," Patricia says with a wide smile.

The family connection didn't stop there, Patricia remembers. When Oprah gave her acceptance speech, she talked about her and Patricia's grandmother, Hattie Mae, whom Oprah lived with for six years. "Oprah speaks so highly of her," Patricia says. "I remember when I was at the Oscars and she talked about our grandmother in her speech, and I was like, 'That's my grandmother too!'"

Learning more about her family has been an incredible and emotional experience for Patricia. "The strength that my grandmother had is inside of me," Patricia says, choking up. "And I'm happy -- grateful -- to have that strength from my grandmother, and to know I came from such a beautiful woman."

In the video, Patricia also reveals what she's up to now and the lifelong dream she is pursuing.

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