07/29/2013 03:52 pm ET

Princess Diana's Engagement Interview Hints At Challenges Of Marriage (VIDEO)


July 29 marks the 32-year anniversary of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's royal wedding, back in 1981. Spoiler alert: There was not a happy ending to this love story, as the couple divorced 14 years later.

To commemorate today's significant date, we dug up Charles and Diana's engagement interview, conducted shortly after they announced their plans to marry in February 1981. Charles does most of the talking, while a 19-year-old Diana looks bewildered, gripping Charles' hand (close-up on that engagement ring), avoiding looking into the camera and flashing an occasional nervous smile.

The interviewer asks about the "tremendous change" the couple will soon face, about their initial meeting ("Did it cross your mind that you'd get engaged in three years?" An unequivocal "No"), eventual honeymoon plans (Charles and Diana want to "go somewhere we can actually get away") and the pressure the pair would surely face. Toward the end, Diana's asked, "Are you in love?" A pause. "Of course." A grimace.

Watch the video below to glimpse Princess Diana's humble beginnings and potential doubts regarding her new role. It's a far cry from Prince William and Duchess Kate's giddy engagement interview back in 2010. Do you think Charles knew his wife might not stay married to him forever?


Remembering Diana's style:

Princess Diana's Style

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