07/29/2013 02:56 pm ET

The Sounding Sand Desert In Inner Mongolia Is Awe-Inspiring (PHOTOS)

There's something to be said for a desert that makes car noises.

The Xiangshawan Desert, which is located in Ordos of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is nicknamed the Sounding Sand Desert because its sands produce the sound of automobile engines, which, to be sure, is an unexplained natural phenomenon.

There's an amazing resort under construction there, too. The Desert Lotus Resort was designed by China-based architecture firm PLaT to resemble and act like a ship sailing through waves of sand. Instead of being built with tiles and bricks, it's made of low carbon environmentally-friendly materials to better use the solar, water and wind energy in the desert. Oh, and they have a pool, spa, and private club.

Imagine yourself relaxing while listening to the songs of the desert by clicking through the photos below. And then think about actually going there.



Sounding Sand Desert