07/29/2013 01:39 pm ET

'The Canyons' Star James Deen On Michael Bay: 'He's Garbage, But His Movies Make Lots Of Money'


Porn star James Deen begins his assault on the mainstream with the release of "The Canyons" on Aug. 2, but don't expect to see Deen in the next big blockbuster from director Michael Bay. Deen, who plays the male lead in Paul Schrader's new film opposite Lindsay Lohan, slammed Bay as common trash in a new interview.

“You make that mass-produced, Hollywood blockbuster crap, you end up with Michael Bay's 'Transformers 11,'" Deen told the New York Post. "He's garbage, but his movies make lots of money. [...] [I was interested in] making a good movie and not bowing to the capitalist theory of Hollywood."

To that end, Deen told the Post that he isn't interested in leaving the XXX world behind. “People talk to me like this is my big crossover to the mainstream. Absolutely not,” Deen told the Post. "I have no desire to leave porn."

Indeed, those comments were echoed by Schrader. The director said that despite all the press surrounding "The Canyons," Deen still has his heart in the adult world. "I was just talking to him the other day. He's still hard at work; he was complaining about going to Venice, because he was going to lose money, going to lose $10,000 of work time," Schrader told BuzzFeed. "I said, 'James, at some point you’ve got to get out.'"

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