07/30/2013 04:51 pm ET

Alessandro Pier Guidi Spins Out During 2013 Spa 24-Hour Race But Manages To Avoid Crash (VIDEO)

Alessandro Pier Guidi may not have won the 24 Hours of Spa endurance race this past weekend, but he certainly saved it from a calamitous start.

Just minutes into the 24-hour race, the 29-year-old Italian driver managed to recover from a 360-degree spinout while near the lead of a tightly-packed group of cars. Not only did Pier Guidi impressively, and shockingly, regain control of his ride after losing the grip on a turn, but the other drivers also managed to steer clear.


Guidi's Ferrari 458 finished 12th overall and 7th in its class, according to Jalopnik.

[H/T Jalopnik, via SportsGrid]