07/30/2013 02:19 pm ET

Brita West Planned To Pass Meth To Inmate Willard Tinch In Her Dentures During Wedding Kiss, Police Say

Scott County Sheriff

Police say a bride-to-be in Huntsville, Tenn., stashed meth in her dentures so she could pass the drugs to her jailed groom during their wedding kiss.

Brita West arrived at the detention center to marry inmate Willard Tinch on Sunday. As she was being searched, she inquired how she could kiss Tinch, local news outlet WBIR reported. A Scott County Sheriff's officer noticed she had trouble keeping her dentures on, then spotted a package in her mouth.

The contents turned out to be methamphetamine and suboxone strips.

"I think that the Scott County Sheriff's Department did a fine job detecting suspicious behavior and acting upon it," Lori Phillips-Jones, district attorney general for Tennessee's eighth judicial district, told The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

West, who faces charges of possession and introducing drugs into a county institution, remained in custody as of Tuesday afternoon, Phillips-Jones said. West had a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday and will probably be appointed an attorney if she can't come up with the $25,000 bail.



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