07/30/2013 11:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brooks Forester Leaves 'The Bachelorette' And Bachelor Nation FREAKS Out (SPOILERS)

If your head is still reeling after the gut-wrenching drama that unfolded during Part 1 of the "Bachelorette" finale, then join the club.

Bachelor Nation was left dumbfounded -- and in tears -- after Season 9 frontrunner Brooks Forester left our girl Desiree Hartsock heartbroken when he decided that he just wasn't "in love" with her. The problem was, Des had already admitted to Chris Harrison that she was head over heels for Brooks and that she pretty much knew he was the one from the begining. OUCH.

So, as the suspense of the episode built up, cry faces reared their ugly heads onscreen ... and on our couches.

Let's go through our emotions step-by-step, shall we? SPOILER ALERT!

The episode begins and after watching this week's preview, we know it's going to be bad. What is going to happen?!

First off, we see Des' date in Antigua with Drew Kenney -- and it doesn't do much for us. #Bored

We get a glimpse of the action when Brooks visits his mom and sister and fills them in on how he's feeling about Des -- and we're like ...

And although we think Chris Siegfried is a great guy for Des, his fantasy suite date is really just getting in the way of what we really want to see.

The good stuff begins when Brooks sits down with Chris Harrison to talk about his feelings. And although we kind of know that he's going to leave the show, we're still SHOCKED when he confesses that Des isn't "the love of my life."

We sit in anticipation as the commercial runs longer than we think it should.

When we hear Des talk about how she missed Brooks and that she can't wait to spend the day with him, we get teary-eyed ... you know, since we know what's coming.

Des' run-and-jump hug isn't met with affection by Brooks -- and we're like, "OMG, this is really happening."

Brooks asks Des to sit down and she's all like, "Brooks, seriously what's wrong?" And we're like, "Oh hunny, don't ask."

He begins to tell her how he's feeling about her and by the look on Des' face, we know she knows it's over.

Then we start crying ... and crying ... and crying as Brooks tries to console Des, who is clearly destroyed.

Another commercial break and now we really can't deal.

After more tears and heartache, Brooks and Des now attempt to take a walk and we're like, "Dude, just go home!"

And when he keeps saying "I'm sorry" over and over again, we start to think he's regretting his decision to leave.

But alas, after what feels like an hour, Brooks and Des finally say their goodbyes.

And as Des runs off and Brooks breaks down in tears, we can't help but drink more and cry along with them.

Soon our pretty cry turns into a vicious ugly cry and we just can't stop -- especially because Brooks' cry face is making us squirm.

And as we realize the episode is ending, we're like, "Wait, we have to wait another week?!"

But once Des says she's done and wants to go home, we realize that the only happy ending that could come out of this is if Brooks comes back during the finale.

So, until Aug. 5, we'll all be waiting.



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