07/30/2013 09:16 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2013

Cherry Pitter For The Serious Cherry Picker

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The only reason we don't bake cherry pies all the time is because pitting cherries is just about the worst kitchen chore ever. Cherries are slippery and messy. When you pit them, your fingers end up stained blood red and pruned because you just spent over an hour pitting cherries for only one pie. (Sure it might be the best pie in the world, but still, that's a lot of work.)

We've searched for the best way to pit cherries -- because just in case you didn't know, canned cherries are never, ever a good option -- and we've come across some decent methods. Using a kitchen knife is the most traditional. The classic cherry pitter is a slightly safer option. You can even get the job done with a beer bottle and chop sticks. But all these methods just distract you from the fact that pitting cherries takes absolutely forever. It almost makes us want to give up on cherries all together. Almost.

We recently came across one kitchen tool that promises to end our cherry woes. It's the Progressive International Multiple Cherry Pitter. That's right guys, this kitchen gadget is progressive. And international. It's fancy. But it's not the name that piqued our interest (at least not entirely), it's the fact that it pits not one cherry at a time, but four. Four cherries! That means that you can get through pitting a bag of cherries in a fraction (one-quarter to be exact) of the time.

We haven't tested this advanced cherry pitter ourselves, so cannot attest to its actual speed and efficiency. But if the promise of pitting four cherries at a time sounds like good news to you, this gadget can be found on Amazon and will set you back $14.97.

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Now that you can pit cherries, bake with them.

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CORRECTION NOTICE: This article used to state that the Progressive International Multiple Cherry Pitter can pit eight cherries at a time. It now correctly indicates that in fact it pits only four at a time.