07/30/2013 09:45 am ET

Jerry Bruckheimer: 'The Lone Ranger' Will Be 'Looked Back On As A Brave, Wonderful Film'


Jerry Bruckheimer is nothing if not positive. The legendary producer behind such films as "Top Gun," "Beverly Hills Cop," "Days of Thunder," "Bad Boys," "The Rock," "Armageddon" and "Black Hawk Down," is convinced that "The Lone Ranger" will have a long life.

"It reminds me of a critic who called 'Flashdance' a 'toxic dump,'" Bruckheimer told Vulture about the film, which has a 27 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. "Ten years later [the critic] said, 'This is really a good movie. I missed it.' I think ['Lone Ranger'] is going to be looked back on as a brave, wonderful film."

Produced by Bruckheimer and directed by Gore Verbinski, "The Lone Ranger" has become one of the biggest bombs of 2013. Thus far, the film has grossed just $163 million worldwide on a reported budget of $250 million. In an interview with HuffPost Entertainment before the film's release, Bruckheimer said he was nervous about its box office prospects, but that the feeling was par for his course.

"It never changes. You expect the worst, but hope for the best," Bruckheimer said. "So, that's just what we do -- at least what I do. I'm nervous about every single movie that we've ever released. So, I was nervous about 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' I was nervous about 'Top Gun,' 'Beverly Hills Cop' -- down the line I was nervous."

Bruckheimer is also fond of that "Flashdance" anecdote. When asked by HuffPost Entertainment about "Con Air" -- another Bruckheimer feature that was called a failure after its release, but has lived on thanks to constant cable replays -- Bruckheimer recalled the Jennifer Beals film.

I've been though this a lot with journalists. We made a movie years ago called "Flashdance" and I remember one journalist just giving us the worst review ever. Then, about five years later, we get this kind of love letter -- that he totally "missed" it. That he loved the movie. And it's kind of the same with you that, any time it's on, you have to watch it. It happens, you know.

For more from Bruckheimer, head to Vulture. The past HuffPost Entertainment interview with the producer can be found here.

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