07/30/2013 04:48 am ET

'Mistresses': Savi's Mother Blows Into Town - And Back Out - Bringing Savi And Joss Closer Together (VIDEO)

The relationship between sisters Savi and Joss became much more clear on "Mistresses" when their mom, Janet, blew into town. A quick flashback showed that her nature has always been to follow her own passions, often leaving Savi to take care of her younger sister, Joss. A younger sister Janet fathered with another man outside of her marriage, ironically enough.

But as much as Janet proved a disappointment yet again to Joss in the mother department, Joss did have a powerful realization. Savi had always been the mother she needed in life, and Savi had always been there. Esther Gim, writing for Buddy TV, said that it was nice to see the sisters make up after a few weeks of fighting.

Now, though, it was Joss' turn to be there for her big sister. Savi still had those paternity results, but she didn't want to open them. She didn't want her husband to come back based on those results -- if the kid was his -- and there was no relationship with the colleague she slept with. So she wasn't ready to know.

“There’s no good answer in there," Savi told Joss. "Will you keep this for me? There is no one in this world that I trust more with it than you.”

TVLine's Michael Slezak admitted to tearing up during that scene, but it still left him with questions. "Do we buy that Savi — or any human being — would be able to go for days without tearing open that blasted piece of mail? he wondered. "Also, Joss is totally gonna read the ... letter and discuss with April and Karen by season’s end, yes? (Because somebody has to do it!)”

Will we ever find out who the dad is? Keep tuning in to "Mistresses" on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC to find out.

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