07/30/2013 05:30 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2013

Paul Schrader On Lindsay Lohan: 'She Loves To Live In A Cone Of Chaos'

Lindsay Lohan returns to feature films this week in Paul Schrader's "The Canyons." The new movie is out in limited release and via on-demand services on Aug. 2.

The filming of "The Canyons" with the ever-unpredictable 27-year-old actress was notoriously difficult. The New York Times went so far as to outline Schrader's struggles to work with Lohan in a lengthy profile earlier this year. In a recent interview with HuffPost Live, Schrader recounted his time working with Lohan, questioning why the media has such a fascination with her downfall and reflecting on her trouble to make the right choices.

"A lot of Lindsay's problem is that even when she perceives her own best interests and wishes to act upon them, she can't," Schrader explained. "She loves to live in a cone of chaos and if the situation is not chaotic, she will create something that makes it chaotic."

"I am in touch with her and you can't really talk to her cause she's in rehab but you can text, and I talked to Dina, her mother, last night, and everybody has their fingers crossed," Schrader continued. "She's saying and doing all the right things. She's 27 now, it's time to step up. But only she can do it."

On whether he wished she had taken steps to reform before shooting "The Canyons," Schrader quipped, "That was the irony of the New York Times piece because the Times Magazine was involved before she came on. They were interested in what [writer] Bret [Easton Ellis] and I were up to as a new kind of film-making paradigm. And then Lindsay came in and I said to Lindsay, I said, 'It's gonna be great for you. You know, the New York Times is going to be on set every single day and they're gonna see how responsible you can be, they're gonna see how punctual you can be, they're gonna see what a professional you are, and we will put an end to this myth of you being unreliable.'"

"The new Lindsay didn't show up," Schrader explained. "The old Lindsay showed up."

Watch the full interview with Paul Schrader at HuffPost Live HERE.

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