07/30/2013 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'This Town' Author Mark Leibovich: 'I Violated An Unspoken Rule ...' (VIDEO)

An inside look at what really goes on in D.C. never gets old for political junkies and haters alike. And "This Town" author Mark Leibovich, whose resume leaves little room for questioning his legitimacy as an insider, knows this better than anyone. Today, he sat down with HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks to dish on how he went about telling his tale.

As the Chief National Correspondent for The New York Times Magazine based in Washington, D.C. and having previously worked at The Washington Post, Leibovich has had his hat in the inner circle for years. Calling Washington, D.C. "an economy ... that thrives on not getting things done," he took it upon himself to expose what he sees as the shameless nature of politics.

While claiming to keep his "private conversations" with people private, he did admit, "I always keep my repertorial hat on." And that means at all private parties and events he's privy too ...

While lauded for his book, he has also been criticized by peers. "The blowback has been mostly of the 'how dare he' vein -- meaning how dare a member of the club, someone who lives in Washington, who writes about politics for a living speak critically about other members of the club," he said.

"I violated apparently an unspoken rule that we are supposed to take care of our own. Frankly if that invites discomfort, I welcome it," Leibovich continued. "I don't think there's enough discomfort in journalism, especially in Washington."

To hear more from Mark Leibovich, watch the full segment below:



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