07/31/2013 01:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Breakup Advice: Man Pins Inspirational Note To Ceiling As Motivation (PHOTO)

Breaking up generally involves a lot of sulking, poor food choices, and quite a few mornings where you can barely drag yourself out of bed.

That's why we wanted to high-five Redditor WandererAboveFog when we saw the sign he hung up in his bedroom as motivation to move on after a split.

"Recovering from a recent break-up, I wrote this on a piece of paper and stuck it to my ceiling above my bed," he wrote. "Instant motivation!"

Simple and to the point -- we like it! Tell us what you think of the Redditor's sign in the comments, then click through the slides below for some of our favorite quotes and sayings about moving on post-breakup.

How To Let Go

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