07/31/2013 02:40 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2013

Brooke Shields Goes Jeans Shopping, Offers Simple Style Wisdom For 'The Look' (VIDEO)

Leave it to Brooke Shields to make a traumatic, stressful shopping experience the most fun we've had all week. The 48-year-old supermodel met up with Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown to try on new jeans for "The Look" series... and the two ended up drinking wine in the fitting rooms instead.

Turns out Brooke's just as intimidated by denim as we are. Though she's legendary for modeling Calvin Klein Jeans back in 1980 (the original pair is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art now, she says), Brooke admits: "Shopping for jeans is always stressful. It always has been and it always will be."

Brooke also confesses she's not a sample size (Amen, sister!) when Laura Brown offers her a pair of trendy, size-24 skinnies: "That would fit one leg of mine," Shields scoffs. What denim does she love? "I love J Brand, I love stonewash." Classic. Among Brown's other topics of discussion with Brooke:

On Cara Delevingne's equally expressive eybrows:
"I think hers are gorgeous, and they're thicker than mine, even. Finally!"

On cleaning high-end designer gowns:
"Mary McFadden gave my mom all these dresses for me to wear, and my mom would wash them in the sink. And she'd be like, 'This is the best! you just have to twist them and they're like wash and wear couture!'"

On the Brooke Shields Barbie doll's anatomy:
"My mom made them take the Barbie body and shave the boobs down, because Barbie was, like, way too voluptuous."

On her long "Blue Lagoon" hair:
"This is not my hair... all the rest [below the shoulder] is toupee tape."

The whole ordeal wraps up nicely when Brooke and Laura decide to drink wine instead of shop. Watch the girls retreat to the fitting room in the video below!

Plenty comes between Brooke and her Calvins:

Brooke Shields Style Evolution

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