07/31/2013 10:28 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2013

Derrick Estell Escapes Jailhouse; Police Say He's Armed And Dangerous (VIDEO)

It was a simple and quickly-executed plan that allowed one inmate to slip past security at a jailhouse in Garland County, Arkansas.

That inmate is now on the run.

Derrick Estell, 34, allegedly worked with at least two other accomplices, including another inmate, to make a quick escape, according to CBS.

Video surveillance shows Estell talking on an inmate phone before dropping the receiver and executing his plan at 1:40 p.m. Sunday, Arkansas Online reports.

Police say potential accomplice William Harding, 58, distracted other deputies, convincing them to go to the other side of the booking room. That gave Estell, literally and figuratively, a narrow window to escape.

In the surveillance video, Estell drops the phone and dives out of a 12-by-30 inch reception window onto the floor, CNN reports.

A deputy can be seen diving out after Estell, pursuing him in a sprint outside the jailhouse.

Estell escaped in a getaway car, according to multiple reports. Authorities suspect that Tamara Upshaw -- a second accomplice who in June was booked for skipping bond on a theft charge -- was the driver.

The deputy in pursuit tried to smash out the passenger window, but was unsuccessful and the vehicle sped off.

The getaway car was found abandoned only a few minutes later, with Estell and Upshaw nowhere to be found.

"Currently we are investigating, several, several leads that we have received," said Deputy Scott Hinojosa in an interview with CNN.

Estell has a long history of criminal activity, including charges of aggravated robbery, breaking and entering, and burglary.

In March 2010, Estell was arrested after he stole a vehicle, resulting in a chase and standoff with a SWAT team. He was eventually arrested after being tear gassed, a previous Arkansas Online story reported.

A week prior to his 2010 arrest, Estell robbed a bank.

Authorities say Estell and accomplice Upshaw should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.



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