07/31/2013 06:19 pm ET

Gloria Steinem Asks What Would Happen If Anthony Weiner Was A Woman


If Anthony Weiner was Antonia Weiner, how would her story play out? Gloria Steinem has some pointed thoughts on the matter.

The Cut's Jenni Avins caught up with Steinem at Tuesday's Cinema Society screening of "Lovelace," and they chatted about the now twice-disgraced New York City mayoral candidate and his wife Huma Abedin. Steinem observed that if Weiner's gender were switched, things probably would be playing out differently:

I mean, just imagine if there were a woman who had photographed her pubic area and sent it out on the phone. Would she be a candidate?

Steinem also said that she has a lot of respect for Abedin, who has been working for Hillary Clinton for years, and doesn't think Weiner's behavior will impact Hillary's possible run for President in 2016. “No, no, no, no. Why would it?,” she said.

One thing is for sure: Steinem will not be casting her vote for Anthony Weiner come election day. Back in April, she told the New York Times that she was endorsing his opponent, Christine Quinn. But she doesn't hold Weiner's ill-advised sexting against his equally political wife.

“I strongly object to holding one spouse responsible for the other’s acts,” she told the Times on July 25th. “He’s the one who should get out of the race.”

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