07/31/2013 03:34 pm ET

James Maslow Covers Zed's 'Clarity' (VIDEO)

Original Song: "Clarity" by Zedd

Cover Artist: Big Time Rush's James Maslow

How It's Different: James has taken this head-pumping-jump-up-and-down electronica dance song and has transformed it into a very pretty ballad. With just a piano, James has made this club anthem almost unrecognizable.

Why We Love It: It's always cool to hear artists change up radio hits to make them sound completely different -- and that's exactly what James did. Thanks to James' cover, we now have a version to rock out to with our friends... and one to cool down to once we're able to catch our breath afterwards.

Better Than The Original? Don't get us wrong, we think James' cover is super impressive -- like his last cover -- but in this case, we'll stick with Zedd's original.

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