07/31/2013 08:48 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2013

Khloe Kardashian Exercises Like A Crazy Woman, According To Her Latest Tweet

Khloe Kardashian is on a roll when it comes to burning an insane amount of calories at the gym.

The 29-year-old exercises almost every day and makes sure to fill her fans in on how much weight she's losing. Kardashian took to Instagram yesterday (July 30) to share a photo of her very short, but very successful workout.

"I only had 35 mins to be in the gym but I hustled. Weerrrrkkk," she wrote.

543 calories in 35 minutes?! This girl must not only be hustling, she's definitely cranking up the resistance. Way to go, Khlo.

Over the last few weeks, Kardashian has been posting a handful of photos from her sweat sessions, including this one:

And nooowww, we're motivated.