07/31/2013 09:00 am ET

Nine Inch Nails Debuts 'Disappointed' During Festival Gig (VIDEO)

Nine Inch Nails continue to roll out new music with "Disappointed," the latest debut from the band's upcoming album "Hesitation Marks."

Trent Reznor and Co. premiered the fresh track at the Ansan Valley Rock Festival in South Korea over the weekend. "Disappointed" took its spot on the band's lineup after "Copy of A," which made its debut during a performance at last week's Fuji Rock Festival. Both songs are featured in the Ansan Valley clip above, courtesy of Spin. (The bleak "Disappointed" kicking off around the 5:40 mark.)

NIN also debuted "Find My Way" during the Fuji performance. Along with lead single "Came Back Haunted," the songs comprise several of the 14 tracks found on the forthcoming Sept. 3 album release -- the band's first since 2008's "The Slip." NIN's Fuji performance kicked off a world tour that lasts through November.

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