07/31/2013 01:39 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

15 Brand New Queer Lady Teevee Characters Defying Expectations This Summer


From time to time this summer, it's felt like the television goddesses might be really looking out for us. Orange is the New Black has more queer female characters than any American hour-long ensemble show since The L Word, for starters, and that's really just for starters. The Fosters, which had all the potential to be watered-down prime-time pedantic family fare, is this summer's sleeper success, and everybody seems to introduce it into conversation by tentatively offering "So I've been really into The Fosters, actually?" I mean, nobody's even up-in-arms that apparently something terrible happened to Naomi and Emily on Skins: Fire! (I've avoided all spoilers and have taken the advice to skip watching it, so I've got no clue what this terrible thing actually is.) Let's gaze at these brand-new gay faces, shall we?

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