08/01/2013 12:29 pm ET

Blackhawks Fans' Bieber Revenge: Hockey Fans Stomp All Over Pop Star's 'Face' (PHOTOS)

Proving no one can hold a grudge quite like a Chicago sports fan, Blackhawks fans last weekend sought revenge against teenaged pop superstar Justin Bieber.

Weeks after Bieber committed the major taboos of stepping on the Blackhawks' logo and touching Lord Stanley while spending some time with the cup, three non-beliebers wanted to get back at the teen for his Hawks "sins." Here's what they did:

The trio also brought their giant cutout of Bieber's face to the Chicago team's annual fan convention on Saturday and documented their campaign via a new Twitter account titled Stand On Bieber. The account has almost 2,000 followers as of Thursday morning.

Official Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk also got in on the action at the convention.

They might have a tougher time convincing their next recruit to participate in their campaign:

A Blackhawks rep previously told TMZ Bieber apologized to the team about the accidental snafu and the three fans told Yahoo! Sports in an e-mail their campaign is "all in good fun."

"To be quite honest, it started as a joke of revenge, but it's transpired into what we feel is Blackhawk pride, and more so Chicago pride," the fans told Yahoo!



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