08/01/2013 11:00 am ET

Gloria Estefan Talks To Oprah About Her Scandal-Free Marriage To Emilio (VIDEO)

Grammy-winning Gloria Estefan has been married to her husband and one-time bandmate Emilio for 35 years. Even within the show-biz world of tabloid rumors, public scandals and high-profile splits, Gloria and Emilio have managed to avoid the drama often associated with Hollywood relationships. How?

When Gloria sits down with Oprah for a new episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," the Latin pop icon and her husband open up about their successful marriage. Oprah jumps right in with a direct question. "You guys have never had, in 35 years, a word of scandal... nothing!" she says to Gloria and Emilio. "How did you avoid that?"

"Number one, we got married for the right reasons," Emilio says. "We were raised poor kids, immigrants that were coming to this country. So in a way... we have a big responsibility for the next generation."

"Culturally, they look at us a lot, but that's not the reason," Gloria adds. "You don't sit there thinking, 'Oh, I represent...' But we've been working. I mean, we've been together which helps."

"But... no scandal," Oprah says again. "You must not do scandalous things."

"We have no time!" Gloria says with a laugh.

Catch Gloria's full interview on "Oprah's Next Chapter" this Sunday, August 4, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.



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