08/02/2013 10:36 am ET Updated Aug 02, 2013

31 Adorable Puppies To Get You Through The Day


Sometimes we all need a healthy dose of puppy. Here are 31 precious pups from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to warm your heart and get you through the day.

1. "I'll have a cold one."

2. Future paparazzo.

3. 101, what?

4. Baby blue eyes.

5. "Don't you dare call me Fluffy."

6. "Know where I can get a fake ID?"

7. "Treat?! Did someone say treat?!"

8. Bath time...

9. "I am NOT a cat!"


11. Teacup pup.
12. "Get me out of here, he farted."
13. We'd like to be searched by this little precious K9.

14. "Wanna throw something? I'll chase it."

15. That's the spot. 16. "It's not a mask, it's just my awesome face."
17. Have rope, will play.

18. "I can haz walk?"

19. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

20. "My interests include: treats, walks, belly rubs and whatever you're doing."

21. Talk about snow angels.

22. Newborn.

23. "I want to be the Target dog when I grow up."
24. May or may not grow into those ears.

25. "People food makes up for this stupid harness they make me wear."

26. Someone's in trouble...
27. "Happy place, happy place, happy place."
28. Eat, nap. Eat, nap.
29. Yoga pup!

30. "One day I'll be able to carry this ball in my mouth."

31. "Want a kiss?"