08/02/2013 05:01 am ET

'Burn Notice': Fiona Risking Her Relationship By Helping Michael? (VIDEO)

Fiona's boyfriend called Maddie on "Burn Notice." He was desperate because he felt like Fi was lying to him. Maddie, meanwhile, was getting worried that Fiona was too involved in Michael's mission.

“You keep doing this, you’re going to lose that young man of yours that I think you care very much about," Maddie told Fi.

“If I do this, I risk losing him," Fi said. "And if I don’t, and the mission fails and we go to prison, I lose him anyway.” In other words, she didn't feel like she had much choice in the matter.

“Then I suggest you get on with your day," Maddie said.

Jim Garner of Buddy TV thinks Fi is risking more than just her relationship by helping Michael. "How far will Michael's friends go to help him complete his mission?" he wrote. "And how will Michael react if someone he loves is hurt while attempting to help him?”

Those same questions were on the mind of TV Fanatic writer Megan Cole, who also admitted that she's dying to see Michael and Fi back together. Could it happen?

The only way to find out is to keep watching the final season of "Burn Notice" every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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