08/02/2013 09:13 am ET

Chip Clip Bag Resealer Keeps Your Snacks Fresh

The Fancy

We have a love-hate relationship with chip clips. On the one hand, they help us keep our favorite chips fresh (for a little while at least). We owe them a lot for that. But on the other, they make us feel like we're not allowed to finish a bag of chips -- like we have to stop at a respectable place in chip eating and clip the bag. And sometimes, we just don't want to do that.

Whether you're on the love them or hate them side, chip clips have long become a staple in many kitchens -- from your basic clip to more entertaining designs. And then there's the chip clip bag resealer. This is the real deal in chip clips. It doesn't just hold your bag shut. It actually seals it. As though it were a whole new bag of chips!

We're on board with the fact that this is taking the whole chip clip thing too far. (How many more kitchen gadgets can our cabinets hold?!) But think about it guys, this clip will actually keep your chips from going stale. And, you could try to get away with making it look like you never ate any chips at all. It's the chip clip for all you chip thieves out there. If this sounds just about right to you, the chip clip bag resealer is available at Fancy for $22.

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