08/02/2013 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chris Hayes's Glasses: Good Or Maybe Not So Good? (PHOTOS, POLL)

So, we've been meaning to raise this for a while, because it's a topic of some debate within the HuffPost "community."

It's a topic that's sparked a lot of back-and-forth over some pretty profound issues.

We speak, of course, of Chris Hayes's current pair of glasses.

Now, the MSNBC host has always worn glasses, but a month or two ago, he switched from a sleeker black frame to a heavier, bigger brown frame.

It is this change that's prompted all of the discussion in our office.

Let's show the evidence.

Here are Hayes's old frames:
chris hayes

And here are his new frames:
chris hayes

Some people have said that they like the new pair, and that Hayes looks good in them. Others say it makes him look sort of old, and not in a good way. One wag even compared him to the owl in those old Tootsie Pop commercials.

The Tootsie Pop owl:
chris hayes

So, we're opening up the question to you. Tell us what you think!

Note: "This is stupid" is not a poll option! Not everything has to be serious all the time, so please hold off if you were thinking of some response along those lines.



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