08/02/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Aug 02, 2013

Pippa Middleton's Cricket Column In Vanity Fair Is Pretty Much Why We Love Her

Pippa Middleton, you little charmer. Once again, Kate Middleton's little sister has won us over with her cheeky sense of humor. This time, it's her latest column for Vanity Fair about cricket that has us giggling.

"As a former member of the cricket WAGs..." she begins, immediately addressing the elephant in the room. If you remember, before Nico Jackson, Pippa dated cricket player Alex Loudon (oh, and for you non-Brits in the room, "WAG" refers to wives and girlfriends of sports players). He reportedly broke up with her back in 2011, but that doesn't mean the almost-royal has soured on the British sport or the handsome folks who play it.

"From Imran Khan to England’s current captain, Alastair Cook, there is a tradition of the sultry cricketer powering in from the boundary or effortlessly gliding a ball to the boundary, tousled hair blowing in the breeze, his whites signifying a purity of action -- oops, I almost forgot myself. Better have a cup of tea," she writes.

Verrrrry funny, Pips. Many criticized the 29-year-old's first column for Vanity Fair, a guide to Wimbledon, comparing the tidbits to those from a "high school yearbook" and claiming it was overly simplistic and "mundane." (Sound like familiar critiques?) But as far as we can tell from the preview of this cricket essay, we think Pippa's on the upswing. Not to mention, the accompanying photos of Ms. Middleton in the latest feature are absolutely precious.

See a full preview of the column and the photos over at Are you a fan of Pippa's writing?

There's a reason cricket players love her:

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