08/02/2013 04:23 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles' Love Nest Is Now For Sale

The house where Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles conducted their affair in the early '90s is now for sale, according to Country Life magazine (via Express UK.)

The home, known as Glyn Celyn House, is owned by Nic Paravicini, the former business partner and brother-in-law of Andrew Parker Bowles, Camilla's first husband. It is being listed for £1.95 million.

According to an article published by The Mirror in August 1996 -- the year Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced -- an unnamed housekeeper at Glyn Celyn House said that Prince Charles and his mistress were "regulars" at the estate, and started visiting together as early as 1992.

"It's quite often," she said. "They feel safe here because nobody knows about the place."

In that same article, Tom Harrison, who lived 500 yards from Glyn Celyn House at the time, said that neighbors had long suspected that Prince Charles visited the estate, but no one was aware of his visits' adulterous nature.

"Rumors have been flying around the village for ages that Prince Charles stays there," he said. "But nobody ever suspected he was with Camilla Parker Bowles."

According to The Daily Mail, the house's adulterous history was originally included in a writeup about the property in Country Life magazine. The blurb that appeared in the print edition reportedly indicated that Glyn Celyn "played host to the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall," but references to the couple have since been removed from the website.

Glyn Celyn certainly isn't the first property to host scandalous house guests. It is believed that President Roosevelt carried out several affairs at his Hyde Park home, and William Randolph Hearst famously built his mistress a mansion in Santa Monica, Calif.

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