08/05/2013 03:07 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

Woman Gives Birth In Crashed Car After Vehicle Flips En Route To Hospital In Sweden

A couple on a highway in Sweden crash their car, which hits the median, flips and lands in a ditch.

Then the woman gives birth in the crashed car.

Samaher Mezban and her husband were on their way to a hospital in the eastern city of Gävle Sunday when he looked over and saw that the baby was about to arrive.

"The man looked at his wife and saw that the child was on the way. This made him drive into the median strip and the car flipped over and ended up in a ditch," Pär Törnhult of Gästrike emergency services told local newspaper Gefle Dagbladet, according to Sweden's The Local.

Fortunately, the vehicle landed upright in the ditch. As nearby motorists stopped to help the crash victims, the woman gave birth on the roadside within the crashed car. By the time one passerby -- who happened to be a fireman -- arrived at the scene, the baby girl was apparently already on the floor of the car.

Emergency services rushed the vehicle's four passengers and newborn to the hospital shortly after the crash. Both the mother and infant are reportedly in stable condition.

The crashed car birth is the latest of several roadside deliveries. Last month, a mother nicknamed her newborn son "superman" after a speedy roadside birth in Livermore, Calif. In June, Lynette Hales gave birth to twins along Interstate 80 in Utah, and even saved one of the infants by performing CPR until state troopers arrived.



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