08/05/2013 06:50 am ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

'Falling Skies' Finale: The Volm Weapon Fires, But Will It Bring Help, Or Cause More Problems? (VIDEO)

All season long, "Falling Skies" had been building up to the use of the Volm weapon. Finally, after several setbacks along the way, they were ready to fire it at one of the massive Espheni towers. The rebels set a fake run for Chicago to throw the Espheni off their trail, while their true target was Boston.

In the end, the weapon worked -- the tower fell and the Espheni defensive grid over the planet dropped. When it did, the Volm were able to come in. As it turns out, their arrival didn't mark the end at all, though the Volm seemed to want it to be the end for the human race -- not extermination, but relocation and protection.

They said that the indigenous populations of the planets they've helped have never resisted relocation and protection. But the humans want to fight. This is their war. It's something new for the Volm, and they ultimately allowed the humans to go on their way. But is there more the Volm aren't telling them?

Karen, speaking for the Espheni, approached Tom with a white flag and a gift. She said that the Volm were lying about other things, but Tom didn't give her a chance to say much more. He shot her as retribution for Anne and his daughter, who he thought were dead. Nevertheless, the Espheni still gave him Karen's gift: the return of Anne and their daughter, Lexi -- both very much alive.

In line with many classic sci-fi television shows, Lexi -- a human-alien hybrid -- had rapidly aged and now looked about six years old. And she apparently has super powers -- she was able to kill the "worms" infecting Lourdes.

Jonathan Welsh of The Wall Street Journal loved the action-packed finale, but it couldn't overcome a larger disappointment. "No matter how good or bad the finale was, I think this was a largely wasted season," he wrote. "The show just didn’t have the drama or action of Season 1 or 2. It often felt like we were just treading water. The finale did a little to fix that.”

"Falling Skies" will get a chance to redeem itself next summer. TNT has already picked up a fourth season of the sci-fi drama.

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