08/05/2013 01:25 pm ET

HuffPosters Reveal Their First Concerts -- And Want To Know Yours


There are plenty of "firsts" that are worth remembering in life (first love, first album purchase, etc.) and some that aren't (being "first" in the comments section). The first concert you attended falls in the former category, because it's almost always memorable, either for being a cautious, parent-chaperoned experience or a seemingly subversive if awkward excursion with friends.

In a few cases, a first concert ends up being indicative of long-term music tastes. That's definitely not always the case, though. (Mercifully, it wasn't in ours; HuffPost Entertainment's staff saw Lifehouse, Korn, Christina Aguilera and Hanson at our first shows.)

Regardless, because we want to offer you plenty of fodder to make fun of us in the comments section and also want you to share your first concert experience with us, 49 Huffington Post staffers revealed the year and place that they first encountered live music. Take a look below -- and be sure to tweet @HuffPostEnt with the hashtag #firstconcert to be added.

HuffPosters Reveal Their First Concerts