08/05/2013 10:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jane Borock Skewers Anthony Weiner: 'You Are Disgusting!'

Apparently Sydney Leathers isn't the only person disappointed in New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

According to PolitickerNY, 35-year-old Jane Borock greeted Weiner with an unfriendly welcome at a Brooklyn campaign event on Monday. Identifying herself as a former Weiner voter, Borock hurled several expletives in his direction, flatly telling him "you are disgusting!"

Weiner urged Borock to refrain from cursing, saying that “You’ve got little kids here." That prompted her to call out the former congressman for his May 2011 Twitter transgressions, where he mistakenly sent a public photo of his penis concealed by underwear.

“Little kids?!," Borock exclaimed, according to PolitickerNY. "You have no right to talk about little kids … Talking about little kids? Social media? You wanna see some Twitter action?"

PolitickerNY and the New York Daily News added that Borock also poured cold water on his participation in a late July night spent at an East Harlem public housing complex -- an effort that also included Democratic rivals Christine Quinn, John Liu, Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson.

“Your little overnight sleepover in public housing," Borock said. "F*ck you! Go back to your little Hamptons house.”

Weiner shrugged off the onslaught.

"I love how crazy I make some people," he said, according to both sources.

As of last week, HuffPost Pollster's model of the latest 20 opinion polls had Weiner in second place in the New York City Mayor Democratic primary race at 18.6 percent. Quinn stood in first at 23 percent, while Thompson stood in third at 15.7 percent.



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