08/05/2013 04:18 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Meghan Rutledge Crashes After Fist-Pump Celebration To Lose X Games Race (VIDEO)

Motorcyle racer Meghan Rutledge may not be familiar with DeSean Jackson, but she could have learned a lesson from the Philadelphia Eagles player.

Jackson has achieved some notoriety by celebrating touchdowns prematurely. Once he casually dropped the ball a mere yard short of the end zone against the Dallas Cowboys in 2008.

Rutledge pulled the motocross equivalent over the weekend at the X Games in Los Angeles, pumping her fist in the final big jump of the Women's Moto-X race that she was leading. As the video above shows, she didn't win. She wiped out on the landing of that jump.

One announcer blamed the showboating for her hand being off the throttle, which may have led to the humiliating tumble.

Rutledge can be seen after the race with mascara-stained tears streaming down her face.

"From the pinnacle of joy to the depths of defeat," an announcer says of the devastated rider.

Vicki Golden went on to win the race for the third time in a row.

(Hat tip, The Big Lead)