08/05/2013 10:53 am ET Updated Oct 05, 2013

Tina Brown Slams Howard Kurtz On Twitter

Tina Brown burned Howard Kurtz, quite simply, on Monday.

Kurtz weighed in on the Newsweek sale, writing, "Tina tried hard to save Newsweek, which was probably impossible, but this captures the chaos, waste and dysfunction." Brown responded: Newsweek is in the process of being sold to IBT Media, the publishers of the International Business Times, it was announced Saturday. Kurtz weighed in on the deal on Twitter on Monday. He also tweeted:

Kurtz told Politico that he would take "the high road" in response to her message. The media critic was fired from Newsweek/Daily Beast in May after he erroneously claimed the NBA star Jason Collins, the first openly gay male athlete in a major sport, never mentioned that he was once engaged to his girlfriend. His involvement with a little known website called the Daily Download was also reportedly a factor in his firing.



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