06/26/2012 10:09 am ET Updated May 21, 2015

Vegetarian Grilling Recipes: Feed Your Veggie Friends Well This Summer

Do not, we repeat DO NOT serve boring food to vegetarians at a BBQ.

You know those bumper stickers that spell out "co-exist" in religious symbols? We're thinking about making a version for omnivores and vegetarians. The truth is that more of the food we eat overlaps than we sometimes think. Another universal truth: things taste better grilled. That's why, if you're going to throw a vegetarian dinner party, summer grilling season is the perfect time.

Vegetarian grilling recipes require the same elements as a grilled meat recipe: salt, sweetness, acid, heat. Follow these principles and anything you throw over fire will taste delicious. Real talk: every vegetarian on earth has been fed a grilled portobello mushroom slapped onto a hamburger bun with some ketchup. STOP IT. Stop what you are doing. There is whole world of vegetarian-friendly food to grill, and some of it might totally thrill you. Ever grilled pea pods whole and eaten them like edamame? How about grilled okra, hearty maitake mushrooms, peaches, tempeh, etc. Give something new a try, let us know how it works out, and as always, share any exciting discoveries in the comments. See you in the backyard!

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