08/06/2013 10:21 am ET

10 End-of-Summer Chapter Books


It’s about that time of year -- summer slows down and the days inch toward back-to-school season. Are your kids bored yet? (Are you?!) Maybe you can squeeze in these reads that are perfect for the waning sun and sun-kissed days. These are the books that ripped out my heart and stitched it back up again. Some are old favorites and some are new, but they hold the stories of that age when you’re not quite a kid and you’re not quite something older. And they honor a time when nothing makes a lick of sense, but everything is important. These pages capture tenderness, angst, and a whole lot of heart. For someone like me, it’s a reminder, and for someone who’s not quite a teenager, it’s their reflection. These books say to that kid: I get you. You matter.

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