08/06/2013 12:46 pm ET

Josh Corwin, 17-Year-Old Cup-Stacking Champion, Shows Off Impressive Skill (VIDEO)

Whether it's baseball, lacrosse or gymnastics, as the saying goes for any sport, practice makes perfect -- and stacking cups is no exception.

Meet Josh Corwin, the 17-year-old who has perfected the sport of stacking cups. According to the Chicago Tribune, cup-stacking is a "competitive event" that involves arranging cups in specific sequences as quickly as possible. While it sounds complicated, the Wilmette teen can stack cups at what seems like lightening speed. Watch in the video above.

Corwin recently took his impressive skills to the AU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships in Detroit, where he helped Team Illinois take home first place this past July, clocking in at 40.08 seconds.

"The stacking community and all the awesome people I've met really make it all worthwhile," Corwin told Glencoe News in an interview. "Perhaps the best part is having younger stackers that look up to me come up to me at tournaments and ask for an autograph and a picture. I don't think words can truly describe how heartwarming and flattering something like that feels."

For more of Corwin's awesome cup-stacking videos, check out his YouTube channel here.

Are you impressed with Josh's cup-stacking talents? Would you ever try stacking cups as a sport? Sound off in the comments or tweet @HuffPostTeen!



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