08/06/2013 01:26 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2013

Samantha Vanterpool Sues Ken Cuccinelli Over Firing

An ex-staffer for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) is fighting back against her firing.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Samantha Vanterpool, former assistant attorney general for Cuccinelli, filed a lawsuit last week claiming that he unfairly released her over a line of critical comments posted online.

The item in question was a May 4, 2012 Washington Post piece entitled "Bill Bolling to Ken Cuccinelli: Have a nice long trip." A comment from reader "bz_bzsammy" called Cuccinnelli an "egomaniac" who is about self-promotion.

Love it! Let the egomaniac take the BS out of state. While Bolling is helping the GOP, Cuccinelli is promoting Cuccinelli. For example, he is NEVER in the AG's office and solely uses the position for self promotion. He has issue a policy that NO AG employee can talk to the media about anything at anytime. To date, he hasn't endorsed Romney. Good job Ibbie!

The Associated Press adds that Vanterpool claims the comment was errantly tied to her, and even if the words were hers, she was wrongly accused of violating the office's media policy of talking to reporters without permission. The AP added that Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein responded, denying any wrongdoing of that nature.

"The attorney general and his former chief deputy are passionate supporters of the First Amendment, and any suggestion by a disgruntled former employee to the contrary is patently absurd," Gottstein said.



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