08/07/2013 08:54 am ET

Adam Brody Wants To Do An 'O.C.' Reunion As A Stage Show


"The O.C." just turned 10 years old and all the nostalgia has many looking to a reunion. Adam Brody has given that prospect a thought, but his pitch isn't for a reunion movie.

"Someone asked me that and I said on stage," Brody told E! about an "O.C." reunion. "I'd like to do the play."

Brody played Seth Cohen, the nerdy teen heartthrob on "The O.C.," for all four seasons. His father, Sandy Cohen, was played by Peter Gallagher. During a recent visit to HuffPost Live, Gallagher discussed the show's lasting legacy and reunion prospects.

"The crazy thing about that show is, every day I hear from people all around the world still -- either on Twitter or Facebook -- [talking] about Sandy Cohen, about 'The O.C.,'" Gallagher said. "People are watching it for the first time, [saying,] 'God, I wish Sandy were my father.' They all ask that same question: 'Will there be a reunion?' So, never say never."

Rachel Bilson played Summer Roberts, the item of Seth's affection on "The O.C." and seemed down to reunite, according to Us Weekly.

"If everyone wanted to do it, I'm sure it would be fun," she said in late July. Bilson also reenacted her trademark line from "The O.C." in celebration of the show's recent 10th anniversary.

"The O.C."