Here's A Bear On A Jet Ski, Enjoy

Yes, that's a brown bear on a jet ski. Good thing it was docked.

The photo was snapped by Graham Morrison, who runs a fishing guide service in King Salmon, Alaska.

Morrison, who posted the photo to Facebook on Monday, explained the scene to the Alaska Dispatch:

Morrison said that the young bear climbed onto the watercraft in order to get closer to its mother, who was sitting in the water dining on her catch. At one point, it climbed to the end of the craft and growled at her, in an apparent effort to convince her to give up some of the meal. Then, the young bear fell in before attempting to climb back up on the craft. Morrison said that the Sea Doo -- docked at a family boat dock about a mile from the King Salmon airport -- was unharmed during the bear encounter.

Here's the little bear trying to get back on the jet ski. Aw!

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