08/09/2013 07:06 pm ET

9 Reasons We Really Want To Be Friends With The Beatles (GIFS)

So yesterday was the 44th anniversary of THIS iconic photograph.

And we started thinking of how awesome it would be to friends with The Beatles.

Why? Because they always got by with a little help from each other.

They taught us that friends will do anything if it makes you feel alright.

And that the best pals ain't got nothing but love, babe. Not one, not two, but eight days a week.

Also, real friends will help you if they can when you're feeling down.

And they'll help you get your feet back off the ground.

Because it really doesn't matter if you're wrong.

You're right where you belong when you're together.

They knew that a quality friendship keeps getting better all the time.

Because even when your friends make you want to shout...

Even when you say yes and they say no...

When you say stop and they say go, go, go...

You can work it out.

So if you're ever stuck at a crossroads with your buddies, ask yourself one question.

Will you still need them when you're 64?

Thanks for the friendship lesson, boys.