08/07/2013 02:41 pm ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

Betty Pino Dead: Univision Radio Personality Dies Of Bacterial Infection


One of the most important and emblematic voices in U.S. Spanish radio fell silent early Wednesday night. Betty Pino, known as the ‘Queen of the Radio,’ died after battling an unknown bacterial infection, the star’s publicist told HuffPost Voces.

Known as one of the voices on Univision’s Amor 107.5 FM in Miami, the Ecuadorian radio personality was hospitalized for an the infection in mid-July and had since been placed in an induced coma while doctors tried different treatments.

“The Queen of the Radio, with her velvet voice, has been called by the Lord. Leaving a void in the life of her family, friends, listeners, and all of those people whom Betty helped along throughout her career on the radio,” read the Facebook post announcing Pino’s passing, who also informed fans that information of the funeral service will also be given via her social network account.

El Nuevo Herald first reported the radio personality’s hospitalization at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida on July 15. Pino’s publicist Nina Ruiz and close friend Alina Torres told HuffPost Voces that by the time a treatment for the infection was found, the bacteria had deteriorated Pino’s body and compromised several organs.

Two days before her hospitalization, Pino shared a message with her fans via her Facebook account.

All of the bad is behind us. Now we must allow only the good to pass into our lives...Many beautiful things are coming that you’ve been waiting for. Life has changed for you, and do you know why it has change?, because you’ve allowed God into your life, and now He is your friend, and is who guides your steps. He will know how to take you on the path of true, happiness, love, and success. (Good Night)



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