08/07/2013 04:50 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

Brooke Burns, Former 'Baywatch' Star, Says She Took 'Titanic 2' Role To Pay For Earthquake Insurance (VIDEO)

You might think an actor's career is on the fritz when they agree to star in a film like "Titanic 2", a straight-to-video feature that this time has a tsunami hurling an iceberg in the ship's path.

But Brooke Burns, a former "Baywatch" star and the lead actress in that film, admitted recently that there are other reasons actors take those less than flattering roles.

On HuffPost Live, Burns said that the main reason she signed up for "Titanic 2" was to pay for earthquake insurance.

"I worked for two days and paid for my mortgage for a couple of months and earthquake insurance for my house," Burns said, laughing. "But people don't know that. They just look at that and think, 'Oh my God, your career is failing!"

Burns said "there are a few things that you can find online that now looking back I'm like, 'hmm, that was interesting'." But, the actress said that it was all part of needing to pay the bills as a single mom.

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