08/07/2013 04:40 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

'Catfish: The TV Show': Kristen Was Truthful About Almost Everything With Her Online Boyfriend (VIDEO)

It was a close one on the latest episode of "Catfish: The TV Show" -- literally close, actually, as 25-year-old Mike was in an online relationship with a girl who lived less than 40 miles away from him. After three-and-a-half years, though, he wanted to find out if the relationship was real ... and if his girlfriend "Kristen" was who she said she was.

Kristen told Mike she'd been in a bad car accident and lost her left eye. Because of this, she was too self-conscious to meet him. After some digging, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph revealed that "Kristen" had actually been pretty honest with Mike. Almost everything she told him was real, including the accident. What was't real were the pictures she showed him, and the spelling of her name. She simply swapped the "y" in Kristyn with an "e" to create "Kristen."

“I was really at a low point and I needed a mask," Kristyn told Mike when they finally met. She'd created the fake profile after her accident. "I was that girl sitting there about to take her life. And you were the only one that stopped it," she said. "The only one.”

Kristyn thanked Mike for saving her life, and it really meant something to him that he'd been able to help her when her friends weren't even there for her. But he admitted he had no interest in pursuing a relationship with the real Kristyn. The two do still talk, though, and consider each other friends.'s Mathew Scott Donnelly called this the most "amiable" episode yet -- despite the deception, and his ultimate decision, Mike remained a gentleman to Kristyn throughout. Max took to Twitter after the episode and declared that Kristyn was pretty awesome -- despite her lies. She even let the guys hold her false eye!

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