08/07/2013 09:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Coach Barbie Comes With The Smallest, Cutest Leather Purses Ever (PHOTOS)

Have you always wanted a quality Coach leather purse, but found the $300-plus handbags a little out of your price range? What about the brand's sunglasses, shoes or trenchcoats? Good news, penny pinchers: You can now purchase an entire Coach outfit, all accessories included, for the bargain price of $95.

One small hitch (and we do mean small): These items are sized for your Barbie doll. Coach and Mattel unveiled a partnership today, outfitting Barbie Roberts in the brand's iconic tattersall trench as well as sandals, sunglasses and a leather bag (complete with a miniature protective dust bag) modeled after Coach's first Legacy collection. Her sweater and skirt are designed after archival Bonnie Cashin designs, and they even have functioning signature Coach turnlocks. It's like owning a (very) little fraction of fashion history.

You can buy Coach Barbie online or at specialty Coach and Mattel stores worldwide. Check out her awesome style in the photos below!



dust bag

coach barbie

barbie coach

It would have been pretty cool if Coach gave Barbie this body:

Barbie With An Average Woman's Body

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