08/07/2013 11:33 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

Detectives Want Your Help With $5 Million Art Heist In California (VIDEO)

If you've ever dreamed of being a vigilante art sleuth, now is your chance.

Detectives are enlisting the public for help in the search for art thieves who stole five million dollars worth of fine art and jewelry in California. On the evening of June 17, eleven paintings, twenty sculptures and a selection of jewelry were stolen from a Rancho Santa Fe home, reported the L.A. Times. Almost two months after, the heist remains unsolved, and detectives are turning to the public to report any suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers.

For art thieves, stealing the artwork itself is only the beginning of their troubles. When stolen loot includes prints by Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro, the paintings are not easy to sell unnoticed, especially with the rise of internet art auctions. According to San Diego's Fox 5, websites like Live Auctioneers give an online archive of the history of each artwork that goes up for sale, increasing the visibility of each work's past. Yet despite this, detectives are having trouble tracking down the parties responsible.

"Just as we get better, criminals get better... So it is a constant game of cat and mouse, unfortunately," Detective Brett Garrett explained in the Fox5 video above.

Watch the clip for more on the Rancho Santa Fe theft. What are your thoughts on this massive, unsolved art heist? Let us know in the comments.



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