08/07/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

Apple Rejects 'Send Me To Heaven' Game That Would Measure How High You Can Throw Your Phone


Apple just rejected a new iPhone game that's generating a lot of buzz. But don't worry, it's probably in your best interest.

The game, titled "Send Me To Heaven," scores users on how high they can fling their smartphone into the air. While Android users can download the app, which launched earlier this week, for free, iPhone users will have to keep their phones holstered and bound by gravity.

"Apple thought it was violating one of the rules for submission as it was encouraging behavior which could lead to a damage of iOS device," Petr Svarovsky, the game's developer, told the Los Angeles Times.

Released by Norwegian developer CarrotPop, S.M.T.H., as it's abbreviated in the Google Play store, is considered a "sport" game, which uses a device's accelerometors to measure the distance in meters that players throw their phone in the air. The brave -- or incredibly stupid -- souls that participate can compare their scores in worldwide, weekly and daily top 10 lists.

Before players can actually get to firing their phone into the air with reckless abandon, they have to agree to the game's disclaimer, which reads in part: "S.M.T.H. in no event shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages or injuries." Once you agree to that, feel free to send your phone to heaven temporarily with a high toss -- or forever when it comes crashing back down to earth and shatters everywhere.

Still, many on the Google Play store seem acutely aware of the insanity but respect the idea behind it, some even offering cool new features. "Be cool if the app automatically snapped a pic at the apex of your phone's majestic flight!" ActionBastard2k wrote in a 5-star review.

It would also serve as a permanent reminder of your phone's final moments before a preventable death.



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