08/07/2013 06:26 pm ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

Spiders Delay Flights At Kansas City International Airport After 'Infestation' In Control Tower

Delayed flights are a fairly common occurrence; thankfully they're usually postponed for mundane reasons. "Common," however, would be the last word used to describe the holdup Saturday at Missouri's Kansas City International Airport (KCI), which had to delay flights because of a spider infestation.

At least three employees at KCI's air traffic control center in Olathe, Kan., were bit by spiders, likely in relation to a hatched spider nest, exterminators discovered after the fact.

How many baby spiders were there, you ask?

"You're talking in some spider cases up to 400 and in large breeds, you're talking [thousands] from one mom,” pest control worker CJ Workman explained to local news outlet KSHB.

Kathleen Hefner, a spokesperson for the airport, told area station KMBC 9 News that flights were delayed around 10 minutes.

An FAA spokesperson stressed to the outlet that at no point were travelers at KCI ever in danger.

An email from The Huffington Post regarding what type of spider caused the infestation was not immediately returned.



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